Bon Jovi concert to play on 300 drive-in theaters in North America in special one-night-only event

Bon Jovi isn’t going on tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that isn’t stopping him from bringing a show right to people’s local drive-in theaters.

The band announced Monday that it is partnering with Encore Drive-In Nights for a special, one-night-only event that will deliver a pre-taped concert directly to numerous drive-in theaters throughout North America on May 22.

Every venue will experience the same show, as the company has done in the past for artists like Blake Shelton, Metallica and Kane Brown. Tickets to Bon Jovi's more than 300 outdoor drive-in theaters in North America go on sale April 29.

Bon Jovi confirmed news of the concert on his social media, noting that, even though he won’t be appearing live, it marks the band’s first ever drive-in concert.

"Bon Jovi is a global icon and we’re so happy that the band will be launching our 2021 concert season!" Walter Kinzie, CEO at Encore Drive-In Nights, told in a statement. "The pandemic has taught us that there are new avenues for live entertainment and this model is one of the safest and most innovative options for world-class, fun events for the whole family. There are millions of fans who don’t usually attend live shows, whether it’s because they live far away from the big touring arenas or because of the cost. Artists can now connect with these fans in a completely new way."

According to Encore Drive-In Nights’ website, tickets for the concert start at $68 per vehicle, which is good for up to six people. A video teaser for the event encourages fans to come experience the full-length concert experience with as many people as they can to "sing and dance the night away to their greatest hits."

Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi's pre-taped concert will play across 300 drive-in movie theaters in a one-night only event.

While the star promised his greatest hits, it’s likely some of his new tracks from the album "2020" will make their way to the concert as well. In October, the artist discussed his song "American Reckoning" in which he discusses the Black Lives Matter protests, referenced George Floyd’s murder and talked police brutality.

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