Here's How to Get Garth Brooks Drive-in Theater Concert Tickets

On June 27, the beloved country legend will be hosting a special concert event in 300 drive-ins across North America. Families can enjoy Garth's music blasting from the big screen while following safe social-distancing guidelines at the same time.

"They're going to run it just like a regular concert, but this is going to be all over North America, one night only," Garth explained on the morning show. "We are excited because this is a reason to get out of the house, but at the same time you get to follow all the COVID rules from every individual state and you get to have fun ... we're calling it 'social-distancing partying.'"

Um, yes please!

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How to Buy Tickets for Garth Brooks' Drive-in Concert

Itching to score tickets for you and your family, ASAP? You're certainly not alone, so mark your calendars now: June 19 at 12 P.M. ET is the official on-sale date and time that tickets will become available at There, you'll also be able to look at the full list of drive-in theaters hosting the event.

The tickets will cost $100 each, which will cover one passenger car or SUV. According to Garth's website, the event will take place rain or shine and begin promptly "at dusk." As Garth warned, you'll have to act super fast on June 19, since there aren't a ton of tickets to go around.

But for those of you who are able to get your hands on tickets, buckle up — sounds like you'll be in for a real treat come June 27.

"I hope people are going to start working on flashing their light, honking their horns and hopefully rolling down their windows," Garth said.

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